About Us

Located on a 5 acre property within the Greenbelt of Pickering Ontario; founder Norman Collier has created a delightfully interactive space for people of all ages and abilities. Our animals are free to roam the farm and are never caged in. As a result of the deep respect, care and love we have for them they are very social and friendly towards people. 

We are open to the public on weekends and holidays, and by appointment during the week.  We are also available for birthdays and all other kinds of parties, gatherings, celebrations and groups in every season. 

If you have a special event or fair we can bring the farm to you! These friendly animals have made appearances at spring and fall fairs, senior's homes and parties. The farm is also available for movie and video filming. 

When you visit the farm be prepared to have fun, take some great photos, get dirty and do things you've never done before!  
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Open: 10am-5pm Everyday Including Holidays

Our Vision

Welcome to Wild Things Petting Farm, where animals have our utmost respect.

The farm is their home; where they live and play, where they thrive as individuals, have their own families, their own societies amongst their kin, and among different species.

We are here to observe and appreciate the wonder of these very intelligent creatures in their own environment. 

Feel free to be “hands on" as everyone is friendly. Pick up, touch and cuddle. They will let you know when it's time to gently put them down. Animals are not playthings and should always be handled with care and compassion. Make sure you are engaging with the animals on their terms, and are not disturbing or harassing them. 

They will come to you if they wish to socialize. They don’t need to be chased or squeezed. 

Each animal has it’s own story and a unique personality. Please enjoy your time with our animals and get to know how they think and feel. 

We believe people have a lot to learn from animals, and we hope they will teach us to be more caring and empathetic in our own lives.

$8.00 Admission
Cash Only