Welcome to the Wild Things Petting Farm online!  We hope you'll have fun looking at the site and come visit us soon.  

Norman Collier, a popular Toronto area artist, has created a delightfully interactive space for people of all ages and abilities just outside of Pickering and Markham, only a  45 minute drive from downtown Toronto. 

Depending on the time of year you may be able to bottle feed a baby goat, sheep or cow. Other times you might feed and water baby ducks, chicks and rabbits. Our animals are free to walk around, be wherever they like and are never caged in. We think we have just about the friendliest crew of animals out there, a result of the deep respect, care and love we have for them.

As well as being open to the public on weekends we are available for birthdays and all other kinds of parties, gatherings, celebrations and groups in every season. Just give Norman a call ahead to set up a group visit or if you would like to come by in the off-season. 

If you have a special event or fair we can bring the farm to you; these friendly animals have made appearances at spring and fall fairs, senior's homes and parties.  The farm is also available for movie and video filming.

Be prepared to have fun, take some great photos, get dirty and do things you've never done before. Don't forget your rubber boots and camera!