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We will be rehoming all our animals to loving, lifelong homes to sanctuaries and hobby farms as pets. If you are interested in adopting one of our animals including rabbits, sheep, goats, ducks, geese and chicken, please email Breanne Littley at

Where all our animals roam free - fun for the whole family
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Our Vision 
Here, at the farm, we have utmost respect for our "resident animals"...
The farm is their home, where they live and play as individuals, families, societies, and among species.

Observe the "wonder" of these "intelligent creatures" and learn from them...
Feel free to be "hands on", all are friendly
Pick upcuddletouch...they will let you know when it's time to gently put them down...

Animals are not playthings and must be handled with "care and compassion"...

Each animal has it's own story and unique personality...
Please enjoy you time with our animals and get to know how they think and feel.
    We are heartbroken to share with everyone that on Wednesday October 14th, Norman Collier, owner of Wild Things Petting Farm, passed away peacefully at the farm, with his son by his side. As many of you know, last year Norman was diagnosed with colon cancer which later spread to his liver. He fought it by undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, but sadly his doctors couldn’t do anything else for him. With Norman’s passing the petting farm which, with the support of volunteers and donors, he operated for almost 30 years, will be permanently closing.
All the animals on the farm are being rehomed.  
    If you are interested in adopting any of them please contact our volunteer Breanne by e-mail at We are especially looking for homes for our ducks, geese, and roosters. Please note that there will be a small adoption fee for each animal to ensure that they get loving, lifelong homes and home inspections may be required. They will only be going to pet-friendly homes or to sanctuaries. 

If you are unable to adopt but are looking for a way to help, cash donations are appreciated and e-transfers can be sent to These donations will help to pay farm expenses until our animals are rehomed.

    We want to thank you all for your support over these many years. Norman loved sharing the experience of contact with the animals and they brought joy to so many people. His farm was a haven for many, visitors and volunteers alike. 

    We encourage everyone to share their pictures and memories of Norman and his farm for others to enjoy, both on social media and by sending them to
Thank you everyone, 
Wild Things Petting Farm ❤